International Symposium on Software Composition

Software Composition 2007, Braga, Portugal - Springer Proceedings

Invited Talk

Farhad Arbab:
Composition by Anonymous Third Parties. 1

Composition Contracts

Pascal André, Gilles Ardourel, Christian Attiogbé:
Defining Component Protocols with Service Composition: Illustration with the Kmelia Model. 2-17

Philippe Collet, Jacques Malenfant, Alain Ozanne, Nicolas Rivierre:
Composite Contract Enforcement in Hierarchical Component Systems. 18-33

Mario Bravetti, Gianluigi Zavattaro:
Towards a Unifying Theory for Choreography Conformance and Contract Compliance. 34-50

Composition Design and Analysis

Peter Y. H. Wong, Jeremy Gibbons:
A Process-Algebraic Approach to Workflow Specification and Refinement. 51-65

Tijs van der Storm:
Generic Feature-Based Software Composition. 66-80

Xabier Aretxandieta, Goiuria Sagardui Mendieta, Franck Barbier:
Composition Management Interfaces for a Predictable Assembly. 81-96

Vittorio Cortellessa, Pasqualina Potena:
Path-Based Error Propagation Analysis in Composition of Software Services. 97-112

Dynamic Composition

Clément Escoffier, Richard S. Hall:
Dynamically Adaptable Applications with iPOJO Service Components. 113-128

André Bottaro, Richard S. Hall:
Dynamic Contextual Service Ranking. 129-143

Short Papers

Takumi Endo, Yuichi Goto, Jingde Cheng:
Measuring Reactability of Persistent Computing Systems. 144-151

Mathieu Braem, Niels Joncheere:
Requirements for Applying Aspect-Oriented Techniques in Web Service Composition Languages. 152-159

Dietmar Schreiner, Karl M. Göschka:
Synthesizing Communication Middleware from Explicit Connectors in Component Based Distributed Architectures. 160-167

Martin Kuhlemann, Sven Apel, Thomas Leich:
Streamlining Feature-Oriented Designs. 168-175

Bruno De Fraine, Mathieu Braem:
Requirements for Reusable Aspect Deployment. 176-183

Aspect-Oriented Programming

Mohammed Al-Mansari, Stefan Hanenberg, Rainer Unland:
Aspect-Oriented Programming: Selecting and Exposing Object Paths. 184-199

Marc Eaddy, Alfred V. Aho, Weiping Hu, Paddy McDonald, Julian Burger:
Debugging Aspect-Enabled Programs. 200-215

Wasif Gilani, Fabian Scheler, Daniel Lohmann, Olaf Spinczyk, Wolfgang Schröder-Preikschat:
Unification of Static and Dynamic AOP for Evolution in Embedded Software Systems. 216-234

Structural Composition

Rajesh Vasa, Markus Lumpe, Jean-Guy Schneider:
Patterns of Component Evolution. 235-251

Imed Hammouda, Kai Koskimies:
An Approach for Structural Pattern Composition. 252-265

Kung-Kiu Lau, Ling Ling, Vladyslav Ukis, Perla Velasco Elizondo:
Composite Connectors for Composing Software Components. 266-280